'97 Continues Ep.05 - "Berries, Cream & Untold Dreams" - Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden

Summer of '97 Continues, Episode 5

Our two runaways, Sarah & Alex find sanctuary on the cliff over the Potomac River, and within each other. Exchanging candy, berries, and advice; Alex shares a dream which Sarah was in. Things grow uncomfortable as Alex pours her heart to Sarah. That’s typical when friends tell one another of dreams in which they’re “kissing in other places”. ----- http://OJinBG.com ----- Cast and Crew: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1447067/ ----- OJBG's Summer of '95 is in "The Vault"! To get your fix, purchase the episodes and the script eBook here: http://bit.ly/OJBGShop

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Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden

1: teen web series (syn: OJ in BG, OJBG) 2: The bad things we do. The things we get caught for. And how they are never the same. A web series shot in DC about the lives of 18 high schoolers, growing up & getting down in 1994. -- Think grunge, Doc Martens, & under age tomfoolery.