On Location

About this original series

Take a virtual tour of some great places. From castles to crypts, ancient tombs and moors, plus movie or game locations.

Episodes of On Location

    • Exploring Saxton - Part 5

      The concluding section of this in-depth tour of he locations photohgraphed as backdrops for the adventure game, The Lost Crown.

      • Release date
        Oct 23, 2011
      • Runtime
    • Exploring Saxton - Part 4

      Part four of this documentary, a video tour of the real locations photographed by Jonathan Boakes for use as backdrops in his hit videogame The Lost Crown.

      • Release date
        Oct 14, 2011
      • Runtime
    • Exploring Saxton - Part 3

      The tour of the real locations featured in The Lost Crown continues, with a trip to Raven Lane and Karswell House.

      • Release date
        Sep 22, 2011
      • Runtime
    • Exploring Saxton - Part 2

      Part 2 of this video tour of the real locations used as backdrops for the video game The Lost Crown.

      • Release date
        Sep 20, 2011
      • Runtime
    • Exploring Saxton - Part 1

      The first part of an extensive documentary about The Lost Crown. We take a tour of the first set of locations that were filmed and photographed as backdrops for the highly atmospheric adventure game.

      • Release date
        Sep 15, 2011
      • Runtime
    • Gray Matter - The Real Oxford

      Take a look at the real places featured in the video game Gray Matter, created by Jane Jensen.

      • Release date
        May 28, 2011
      • Runtime