El Chachani, Peru

A two day climb up El Chachani, a 6,075m peak in southern Peru near Arequipa. This was a great adventure. We drove 90km, mostly along rough dirt roads out of Arequipa to 4,800m and hiked 1.5 hours to our base camp at 5,100m. After a nap, setting up camp and having some dinner we made an early bid for bed.Wake up was at 1am and after a humble breakfast, we were hiking again by 2am under a clear stary sky. Lots of slow climbing in the cold and dark led to a beautiful sunrise and finally we reached the summit by 8am.After an hour on the summet, we turned back and we back at camp in a mere 3 hours. Another nap was in order before breaking down camp and hiking out to our pickup.

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