Silver Screen Reviews - Gone with the Wind

***WARNING** contains some spoilers

My first ever episode of Silver Screen Reviews! Just some fun commentary and tidbits about the movie. Ideas for future episodes? Leave a comment!

P.S This is my first project with Adobe Premiere Pro, I have previously only used imovie. So if this episode is way too loud or quiet, or anything else is messed up. Let me know. Enjoy!

Nycea Summaries

Nycea Summaries is a comedic recap of odd TV. It's MST3K meets your high school Social Studies class, hosted by Nycea. She's cool I guess. Nycea is that person you know who comes over to your house and says, "Dude, you really need to watch this show." and forces you to watch it despite your protests. To be fair, you usually enjoy whatever it is... and she usually brings beer, so win/win.