EPISODE 1 - Beginnings

Created and Hosted by: Kristin Sloan
Produced by: New York City BalletAppearances and Special Thanks:EPISODE 1 - BeginningsPeter Martins - Choreographer, Director in Chief
Ken Tabachnick - General Manager
+ Members of the NYCB Music from Romeo and Juliet by: Sergei Prokofiev
Used by arrangement with G. Schirmer, Inc. publisher and copyright owner.

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NYC Ballet | Behind The Curtain | Romeo + Juliet

BEHIND THE CURTAINAn Online Video Diary by dancer Kristin Sloan, of the making of New York City Ballet's Romeo + Juliet.*Romeo + Juliet will be performed once again during the first two weeks of JANUARY 2008.*The making of a full-length ballet is a massive undertaking. It involves the talents and efforts of designers, musicians, stagehands, seamstresses, set painters, ballet masters, dressers, carpenters, dyers, writers, and, of course, dancers. The preparations are usually off-limits to the public, but for the making of its newest ballet, Romeo + Juliet, New York City Ballet is giving you a backstage pass.In the months leading up to the premiere, NYCB dancer Kristin Sloan had her video camera handy, and has created a diary that provides a remarkable behind-the-scenes look at a this exciting time at New York City Ballet.“Most of my waking hours are spent backstage at the New York State Theater” Kristin says. “It’s like a second home, and because of this familiarity with the people and places behind the scenes, I can show you an insider’s perspective.”As the May 1st premiere approaches, Kristin will post weekly entries in her video diary (with a couple of bonus episodes thrown in for good measure), taking you Behind the Curtain with Romeo + Juliet.