are Nobody Cares Show's featured independent music artists The Nobody Cares Show is a Show that plays Independent music and offer opinions on the songs from the viewpoint of regular music consumers.? to submit to the show or more info on any one of these artists go to Check out our sponsor 818 lounge on Facebook Need webhosting for cheap find us elsewhere Ncs Google plus Facebook Twitter Reverbnation Nobody Cares Show, , O Squared Entertainment, ,Unsigned, music,Independent , Show for underground music, JJ Deez, JJ Diesel , how to be on a show,Indie, Unsigned artists,underground music,top indie artists, top independent artists,Unsigned music show,show for unsigned artists, show that plays unsigned music,song reviews, music reviews,music critique,song critique,average consumer,nobodycaresshow we are and independent music show that critiques independent music. we have rights to use music and/'or music video in the show as agreed by our terms and conditions that artists must agree to when they submit to the show. submit link

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The Nobody Cares Show is a internet show that plays underground music and offer opinions on the songs from the viewpoint of the regular music consumers. the first time we listen to a song is when we hear it on the show ... that way we can give an accurate "first impression" of the music.