BEHIND THE TART- Episode 8- The Deadline

It's less than 24 hours until the opening of Your Face Here at the Pop Tart Gallery and no art is hanging on the wall! Lenora and Phil worry aloud in the empty gallery as Austin plunges into a night of delirium – struggling to complete all the portraits in time for the opening.

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Behind The Tart

With flaming red hair and the va-va-voom of Jessica Rabbit, self-styled art curator Lenora Claire hopes to be Los Angeles’ answer to Andy Warhol… and she has the twitter following to prove it. Named one of LA Weekly’s 2011 Best People of the Year, she’s the happening “IT” girl of the off-off-off-scene art scene, and muse of absurd projects everywhere. With the success of her offbeat art shows (as curator) and monkey and unicorn parties (as birthday girl), Lenora is now diving in to her most ambitious adventure ever. Teaming up with drag queen Phyllis Navidad, Lenora is opening Pop tART, future home to high-end cutting-edge art… in the low end of town. But with a gallery opening looming and a gallery space in construction hell… Lenora might be in over her head. BEHIND THE TART follows the crazy ride of Lenora and her quest to become the reigning art queen of Southern California … her life a piece of art and her art, a business.