Apr 05 : From the Cellar : Cuvee de Tomme : 2002 & 2012

This week we visit Dr. Bill's "new" cellar to open a couple of amazing beers from Lost Abbey .. we start off with a silver foil 2002 Cuvee de Tomme and then complete it with a side by side of 2012 release of Cuvee de Tomme.

Matt was going to join us, but he found a comfortable spot on the floor of Bill's living room and sawed some logs instead of coming out and drinking with us. Bill expertly demonstrates how to save a cork that has disintegrated over time. Sami, the pooch, joins us to chill on the floor.

We talk about the early days of beer releases and how they have changed over time, and basically just enjoy a delicious piece of craft beer history.

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