Itunes, The Droid and ImageBurn

MCTVs2Ep6-Marcus Carr covers the new i Tunes 10 and how it has changed from iTunes9. Don Corbet (TheLinuxGuy), discusses how to do an application update on your Droid. Tim Myers our Microsoft Windows expert show you how to create a bootable CD of your operating system with Image Burn.


Computers are everywhere. Don't you think it's time for you to learn to use one to the best of your ability? This show answers your questions about computers, from Windows to Linux. The MouseClicks team answers calls and emails about operating systems, software, and hardware technology. Tim Myers educates you on all matters pc related, from the Windows operating system, to the basics of how your pc works and how to repair simple problems. Don Corbet (The Linux Guy) is a veritable open source encyclopedia well known in both the Linux and open source communities.Marcus Carr, a local broadcast engineer, is our resident Macintosh guru.