Episode 8: The Contract

Karme signs an exclusive modeling job and Cory tries to keep up with her fast talking agent. Josh and Bill are left out in the cold to celebrate Neighbors Day by themselves.

MODEL WIFE Created, Written, and Produced by: Cory Cavin, Josh Lay, and Bill Grandberg
Directed by: Edmond Hawkins Shot by: Edmond Hawkins Lighting: Eil Brasch
Starring: Bill Grandberg, Josh Lay, Cory Cavin, Karme Boixadera, Kirk Damato, Lauren Lumsden, Taylor D. Martin
Boom Operator/Sound Recording: Andrew Koller
Sound Design: Justin Ulbrich
Color Correction: Sean Donnelly
Special Thanks: Daily Candy NYC
Theme song by: Aaron Mason

Model Wife

Cory has a wonderful wife, two great friends and a good job. His life is a mess.