A Place to Live The Story of Triangle Square - KCET Pledge Drive - Karen Dickinson, Carolyn Coal and Mark Supper

A Place to Live director Carolyn Coal, Gay and Lesbian Elder Housing Executive Director Mark Supper and Triangle Square resident Karen Dickinson are interviewed by Cris Franco and Leyla Farah during the airing of the documentary on KCET Channel 28 on June 14, 2011.

MIPtalk - Conversations with Interesting Folks

Welcome to the conversation. From America's hills to its dales and beyond curious dude Brad Rowe and keeper of useless knowledge Noam Dromi seek out deep thinkers and shallow swimmers with reckless abandon as they attempt to find out anything and everything that is interesting about the world as we know it.From quantum psychics to sorcery, from Wall Street to the remote hills of Afghanistan, MIPtalk and its guests will take you there (and that's only in the first month). Each week, your intrepid hosts will mix up these morsels into a hearty stew of superlative podcasting goodness. They do it because they care.