The Ghost Girls LIVE Spirit Circle from Haunted Carroll St Cafe

The Ghost Girls: Paranormal, Replay from LIVE Web TV broadcast 12/5 when the team from the RIP Files held a live event and Spirit Circle from The Carroll Street Cafe, Frederick, Maryland which is built on the site of a cave nestled between the massive limestone rock formations which surround this area. The Spirit Circle was conducted by with spirit psychic mediums Bob Hickman ( and Carol LaRiviere, R.I.P. Psychic Historian. Owned by Joanie Jenkins for the past seven years. Originally used as a grain elevator, the four story building has housed many small businesses including mechanical, millenary, a coffee shop, and now this cafe. Joanie Jenkins loves the building and its ghosts. Over the years, she's seen, heard, and sensed several spirits throughout the building. R.I.P.'s investigation lasted over eight hours and was spectacularly successful. Phenomena reported included: whispering voices, cold spots, chills, a moving chair, direct responses, and much more. The R.I.P. team is currently reviewing all audio and video evidence. The group expects to find a number of EVPs and perhaps additional compelling evidence. Many of the personal experiences and psychic impressions picked up by R.I.P. investigators have already been corroborated and confirmed, while a Tarot reading by R.I.P. Adept Sean Hanover provided a possible answer to a decades old mystery. You can watch all of the episodes of The R.I.P. Files now on the Mingle Media TV Network and on The R.I.P. Files channel: You can watch the LIVE show replays of the Ghost Girls here: The R.I.P. Files is produced by The Marin Group, Inc., a video production company specializing in unique paranormal programming. The R.I.P. Files.explore the darkness. You can follow The R.I.P. Files on Facebook at:

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