[Spider Spawner Dungeon of Awesome - Episode 60]

Today was not a typical Minecraft day for me. Usually my days are filled with dying immediately. But today I finally became a skilled fighter. I found an amazing cave with tons of resources to mine. I kept hearing the sound of spiders and realized there must be a spider spawner close by. I was correct in that assumption and decided to risk dying in order to take on the dungeon. I had my sword and was ready for an epic battle with the spiders. After mining around for awhile and exploring, I finally found exactly where the spiders were hiding. Then I decided to take them on. Battling each one with my fighting skills as I got closer and closer to actually being able to enter the dungeon and claim what was in the chest. I found a saddle which I was more than excited about due to the fact that I cannot wait to ride a pig. It was quite a day for me and now I feel as though I am an actual spider killer in Minecraft. ;

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The Misadventures of MinecraftChick

The Misadventures of Minecraftchick shows you how to play Minecraft. Learn how to fight creepers, skeletons, zombies, and spiders. Craft all day, mine (or in my case, die) all night.