Cargill and Developer DMB Face Growing Pushback on RWC Shores Project

Cargill and Developer DMB Face Growing Pushback as They Try to Develop Vital San Franscico Bay Wetlands. Four environmental and civic organizations: Sierra Club, Committee for Green Foothills, Redwood City Neighbors United, and Woodside Atherton Garden Club share why they and a growing number of other organiazations including Save the Bay, Sequoia Audubon, and local governments are opposed to DMB adn Cargill building a "small city" on critical wet lands, in Redwood City, and on the Bay. Michael Killen, host of the interview and whom had much of his professional life advised global corporations on strategy, picks winners and losers. Guests include, Gail Raabe, Redwood City Neighbors United; Alice Kaufman, Committee for Green Foothills; Marianna Raymond, Sierra Club; and Janet Larson, Woodside Atherton Garden Club.

Michael Killen on Creativity

Michael Killen's interviews are studio taping sessions for Painting to Change the World, a work-in-progress film about Michael Killen’s interactions with environmental leaders and his canvas as he creates the paintings for the art exhibition: Climate Change.