Artist Spotlight: The Ringers Perform Kamikaze Heart

This past Saturday Metrogum street team member Anna D. headed down to the Sunset strip to go see's first show of the decade and it did not disappoint! The Band The Ringers have become one of Los Angeles Local favorites and with hints of the New York Dolls and The Stooges we predict them to take the nation by storm later this year! “The Ringers” not only rock but also have a good sense of fun! They claim to take no prisoners and lay their hearts, souls, and sweat out for the world to soak up and rock to. They are the protectors of Rock Purity and have pledged to fight for its honor!" So, before they explode and tickets to their shows sell out. Be the first to see the ringers here in all their sweaty glory! The Ringers are Joe Hursley (vocals, guitar), Joe Robinson (lead guitar), Joe Stiteler (bass), and Patrick Hursley (drums). They released their second full length album, “Headlocks and Highkicks” in August 2008 with Dave Cobb producing. The band has also played shows with: New York Dolls, Lily Allen, Valient Thorr, Authority Zero, Supersuckers, Eagles of Death Metal, Semi Precious Weapons, The Architects, Camp Freddy, Bullets and Octane, Nico Vega, and Veruca Salt and many shows with other local LA bands like: Saint Motel, The Binges, Rumspringa, Roses on Her Grave, The Vacation, and Dirty Kings.Like what you hear ?then support thes guys buy their album!

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