Router Bit of the Month - Bead Rail & Stile Set

We have the return of the most popular Feature Friday feature, "Router Bit of the Month"! This month at WoodCraft the featured router bit from Whiteside Machine Co. is actually two router bits. It's a rail and stile set for frame and panel door construction. The two bits are complementary to each other and feature a nice bead profile that really helps to dress up your doors with or without a raised panel. Easy to use and easy to set up this router set is a great compliment to any router bit collection. Since we also missed the Router Bit of the Month for July, we have another bit to try and talk about. Whiteside's large, 3-wing, ogee raised panel bit. This is a huge bit, so extra precaution needs to be taken when using it. Remember by visiting WoodCraft either online or at a location near you, you too can take advantage of the great price on these bits. To order your's click here Bead Stile & Rail Door Set (2), Whiteside# 6003

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