MBW 313

Downtime over the weekend didn't equal shoptime, and I chose it to be that way. Have I given up woodworking? Or are there just times when woodworking needs to be put on hold.Somethings I do to keep the spark alive even when I'm on woodworking downtime.Comments, questions, schwag entries? mattsbasementworkshop@gmail.com or call and leave a voicemail at 231 354-2334

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Matt's Basement Workshop

Matt's Basement Workshop, hosted by Matt Vanderlist, can be found at www.mattsbasementworkshop.com and is the first and longest running woodworking podcast. Since 2006, the show's primary focus is on sharing experiences and educating woodworkers, with an emphasis on the small shop/home woodworker. Tool reviews, hand tool and power tool education, project builds and answering audience questions. The audience interaction is what makes it fun, online and in person. If woodworking is your passion...stop by and say "hi!"