About this original series

Love Life Wellness (Road Trip) is a health & wellness show focused on helping women discover new health information on: how to lose weight naturally, develop radiant youthful-looking skin & hair, and develop healthy relationships to live a joy-filled life. During production times, two distinct shows are created; in English & Spanish-language.

Episodes of LoveLifeWellness

    • Salud y Bienestar: Aprende cómo el estrés hace q...

      Ama La Vida es un program de salud y bienestar que se enfoca en ayudar a las mujeres descubrir nueva información médica sobre: cómo perder peso de manera natural, desarrollar radiante juventud de la piel y el cabello, y desarrollar relaciones saludables para vivir una vida llena de gozo.

      • Release date
        Jun 4, 2012
      • Runtime
    • How Stress Makes You Gain Excess Weight

      In this episode of Love Life Wellness...Coach Liz takes viewers on 3 wellness destination tours: Farmer's Market; learn about "Paleo Diet" & nutrition, Health Club; learn about simple heart health exercises, Spa n' Resort; learn about biology of "How Stress Makes You Gain Weight" and leaves viewers feeling good with "Think Goodness" a segment showcasing photos & videos of things that make us love life!

      • Release date
        Apr 22, 2012
      • Runtime