Ayurveda and Kriya Yoga with Paul Gangadeen and Dr. Melissa West

Join me as we talk to my friend Paul Gangadeen at Registered Kriya Yoga Instructor and Ayurvedic Consultant. During this show you will learn about your dosha and how to balance it in the environment in which you live. Paul's kind and gentle nature will lead us through a discussion of the doshas, koshas, kriya yoga and generally what an ideal day looks like from an ayurvedic perspective. From rajas, sattva to tamas, Paul will help make this ancient healing art approachable to the average person like you or I.

Paul Gangadeen Pure Life Ayu Yoga, www.playuyoga.com

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Living your Yoga with Dr Melissa West

Living your Yoga is a podcast developed by Dr. Melissa West. Yoga Instructor