Episode 26 - The Jonx & Tax The Wolf

The Jonx and Tax The Wolf are the musical guests. Jeremy Hart of Space City Rock is the the community representative and Audience Of One. The hour long show features sets by the artists and in-depth interviews with hosts Dan Workman and Gina Miller. The Jonx The Jonx began in December of 2002, produings two EPs, Jonx and The Wrath of Shawn, over the next couple years. After a lineup shuffle in 2004, they released their debut LP, The Return of the Death of the Legacy of the Revenge of the Jonx, to critical acclaim in 2005. According to their website, “The Jonx believe in the expressive power and malleability of the rock idiom as a vessel through which to make the modern condition tolerable, at least to themselves. Recognizing this, astute observers have compared them to bands like the Minutemen, NoMeansNo, The Jesus Lizard, Wire, The Grifters, Television, The Vehicle Birth, and Alice Donut.” Tax The Wolf Tax the Wolf brings a soundscape of surreal melodies and thick vocal structures with their own form of Prog-Rock. Forming in late 2007 and all hailing from Houston,TX, Tax the Wolf has been forming a sound of their own using latin roots and modern rock structures. These 4 young musicians have garnered a loyal fanbase and underground attention in their hometown of Houston,TX and continue to reach audiences by collaborating w/hip-hop and pop artists. Voted "Best Progressive Rock" and "Best Band Name" in Houston Press 2010 hasn't stopped Tax the Wolf from aiming for a contemporary sound.

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