Live Digital with Shelly Palmer Episode #62

Next on Live Digital: Should we be worried that cellphones are linked to cancer ? Is it a crime to share your Netflix account? The government is getting serious about cyber-attacks , should we be concerned about all the recent hacking? -- and how will the Patriot Act extension affect your data? Plus, I'll chat with Bob Sherman about radio utilizing the Internet -- and Microsoft's Pallavi Sebastian will show off their newest smartphones -- We've got some great Google tips and cool websites, and's NY Bureau Chief John Abell and I discuss if tech companies are worth their valuation, as I help you Live Digital.

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Live Digital with Shelly Palmer

From Studio 7E at 30 Rock in New York City, the digital media capital of the world, Shelly Palmer hosts NBC Universal's Live Digital with Shelly Palmer – a weekly half hour featuring the top stories in technology, media and entertainment, big name guests and expert advice about the latest hardware and software. Targeted at top tier business people and consumers who live and work in an ever increasingly digital world.