Live Digital with Shelly Palmer Episode #57

Next on Live Digital: Android
is everywhere, but does it have the market reach of iOS
? Are the leading tech companies environmentally friendly? Will Amazon’s
web hosting crash make us rethink the cloud? And, is the iPhone
tracking issue just FUD-mongering? Plus, Intel’s Frank Soqui
shows off some smart robots, I’ll talk with Bob Benya
about the future of on demand TV – and Nook’s Wendy Bronfin
will tell us about its newest update – we’ve got some great Google tips and cool websites, and,’s NY Bureau Chief, John Abell
and I will discuss how location-based tracking actually affects you, as I help you live digital. Original airdate: April 26, 2011

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Live Digital with Shelly Palmer

From Studio 7E at 30 Rock in New York City, the digital media capital of the world, Shelly Palmer hosts NBC Universal's Live Digital with Shelly Palmer – a weekly half hour featuring the top stories in technology, media and entertainment, big name guests and expert advice about the latest hardware and software. Targeted at top tier business people and consumers who live and work in an ever increasingly digital world.