Episode 121

We're back to normal programming! Six great community levels (I guess thats not so normal then), news, and loads of awesomesauce! Enjoy and Welcome Back!

Vote for Adam!

This is the link to the Battle for E3 page: http://www.facebook.com/TMobile?sk=app_164212026973832

If that page leads to the T-Mobile USA fanpage, go to the tab on the left that says "battle for E3" and in it click "get started". After that you will see two videos next to each other. If his video is there, click "vote" under it. If his video is not immediately there, click "next" at the bottom right corner of the video on the right until you do see his video and then click "vote" under it. Keep repeating this process by clicking next when his video is not there and clicking vote under his video when it does show up. Everyone CAN vote as much as they physically can in one sitting. Once you get off the page for their first time if you vote for Adam lots of times, his video may rarely show up or not show at all so the first time you are on the page, get in as many votes for him as you can and if you do wanna come back and try your luck to vote some more, go for it.


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