Leaving Eden Episode 10 The Least Of These

Jill visits her benefactor. Les learns about Loren. Lucas confronts Ashley.

Episode 10 features music from The End Of The Ocean : "On Rising" ; Matthew Kidd: "Forward"; Josh Pope: "Leaving Eden" and "Paying The Bills"; and Jackson Williams "Losing You."


All music used with expressed consent by the artists.


Leaving Eden

Ben Nicholson has an odd job. Sometimes he's a counselor, sometimes a public speaker. He goes to at least 40 funerals a year, visits hospitals every day, and faces scrutiny while in the public eye. And he's always underpaid. What happens when you get in a fight with your wife before you go to work - and your work is preaching at a church service? Leaving Eden finds out, showing you the lives of a pastor, his wife and family, the vicar, and all the trials, joys and pains no one ever thinks of or considers of this odd job. An official drama selection in the 2013 Independent Television and Film Awards.