Alex Savage and Joe Dale

At long last I can get the details up of my interview with Alex Savage and Joe Dale. Both are lead practitioners with the SSAT and I drove up to Euston to video interview them at the Thistle Hilton Hotel Euston in June. Joe has already archived and annotated the film at his blog.I won't write any more but just mirror Joe's notes because they are pretty comprehensive!There is a mp3 version of the clip generated automatically by that you can also download it from here. These teachers are setting the models for future learning. SummaryIntroductions and teaching backgrounds deciding to switch from teaching French to ICT because of being demotivated by having to invent imaginary scenarios and reasons for pupils to practise their language skills finding that ICT was more fun and something that the pupils wanted to do finding a real reason for communicating with native speakers from other countries describing the relationship between ICT and languages being a 'perfect fit' starting off by creating interactive exercises and PowerPoint presentations for whole class teaching which pupils found motivating across the ability range getting into Web 2.0 technologies and being inspired by Scottish expertise in the field trying to spread the word in a clear and practical way about the potential of new technologies by writing for the TES, setting up my own blog and by being a lead practitioner nurturing a community by readers leaving comments on the blog drawing from existing language fora and making new contacts dealing with LEA's filtering Web 2.0 services and raising awareness of the power of new technologies for learning promoting educational web services that can be used safely in schools using Flashmeeting to safely videoconference with pupils from around the world resisting the urge to always be looking for the next big idea and getting back to the basics of blogging moderating individual pupil comments on one blog instead of the 'nightmare' of having to moderate multiple comments on multiple pupil blogs establishing blog rules so pupils comment appropriately in a safe environment the importance of 'nodal' people collaborating with each other and encouraging others to come on board combining the power of wikis, blogs and RSS feeds to bring ideas together as 'courseware' recognising a rise in teacher blogs over the last twelve months and the importance of getting colleagues to share good practice with each other interviewing innovative practitioners via Skype or at conferences and publishing their thoughts on the web downloading offline versions of useful video clips at home for use in class taking advantage of the ease of finding authentic resources on the web for language learning YouTube creating country specific versions of their site Our top tips for killer services using online surveys between schools in different countries to make the analysis of data more engaging and real the benefits of using Flashmeeting (free and simple to use, no software needed apart from Flash and a web browser, one speakers at a time so uses less bandwidth compared to other VC service, can record and edit conversations) setting up a moderated departmental blog to publish your pupils' work (pictures of pupils' exercise books, wall displays, recordings of pupils speaking in a foreign language, video clips and useful links) encouraging colleagues in other departments to do the same the rise of the Nodehill bloggers ticking the assessment for learning box creating a local community around your blog and encouraging your pupils, friends and families to leave comments using blidgets so departments can advertise each others' blogs and collaborate together time management and networking with others using Ning saving time by using RSS so posts come to you via a blog reader or email account rather than you having to visit individual sites yourself the importance of creating an engaging title for your blog post RSS v Feedwhip Drew Buddie setting up the popular the eTwinning ambassadors Ning network creating a typelist Ning Network set of links as a reminderShow NotesSSAT Lead Practitioner Induction DayConferencesSpellmaster Hot PotatoesTaskMagicMaking PowerPoint interactive
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