7. Jesus and the Social Outcasts (February 15)

2014 1st quarter topic: "Discipleship" (Ken Hart's Sabbath School class in Loma Linda, California, which is based upon the adult Seventh-day Adventist Bible study lesson guide and is broadcast on LLBN as "A Look Ahead".)

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Ken Hart's Sabbath School Class / A Look Ahead

Ken Hart's Sabbath School Class is recorded weekly on the campus of Loma Linda University in West Hall, just northwest of the intersection of Barton Road and Campus Street in Loma Linda, California. Discussions follow the Seventh-day Adventist adult lesson study guide. View study materials at: Theox.org - Other interesting recordings are located at: ItsAboutGod.tv This show is also broadcast as "A Look Ahead" on Loma Linda Broadcasting Network (LLBN).