Brian LeRoux - JSConf 2009

PhoneGap makes building iPhone and Android applications a snap with regular HTML, CSS and JavaScript. XUI is a nifty javascript microframework designed for building mobile web applications. Avoid the heresy of Objective-C or Java and return to the sanity of the open web. In this talk Brian will guide you through the creation of a mobile web app that is app store ready and talk a little about the future platforms for PhoneGap and XUI.

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JSConf focuses on two things, presenting mind-altering JavaScript technology during the daytime and providing exceptional "networking" parties during the evenings. JavaScript is exploding on the scene despite years of being behind the curtain as the workhorse of the web. JSConf is right there to expose and help push the state of the art with JavaScript in the browser, server, mobile, and desktop environments. One of the key differentiators about JSConf is that it is put on by a (crazy) group of JavaScript developers just like you, so we ensure that everything that matters is taken care.