Cafe Himbo

About this original series

A cooking/variety show hosted by Joe Zaso who is an an actor and producer of independent horror films. Each episode includes an appearance by a guest who is someone (an actress, film maker) who has appeared in cult or horror films. In each episode, Joe casually interviews the guest before the guest reveals a recipe that Joe prepares for them.

Episodes of Cafe Himbo

    • Joe Zaso's CAFE HIMBO with Lesleh Donaldson

      Actor Joe Zaso's new web series, CAFE HIMBO, featuring special guest, Lesleh Donaldson (HAPPY BIRHTDAY TO ME, CURTAINS, FUNERAL HOME, DEADLY EYES, FRIDAY THE 13th TV SERIES). Lesleh discusses her life, films and discuss making shish-kebob with Joe.

      • Release date
        Dec 11, 2011
      • Runtime
    • Joe Zaso's CAFE HIMBO with Catherine Mary Stewart

      Horror film actor Joe Zaso's cooking web series "CAFE HIMBO" featuring special guest Catherine Mary Stewart (NIGHT OF THE COMET, WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S, DAYS OF OUR LIVES, THE APPLE). Joe and Catherine discuss her career before she reveals her Mediterranean Lam recipe.

      • Release date
        Dec 2, 2011
      • Runtime