Joseph International

Joseph International is a ministry seeking to: 1. Restore God‘s purpose and vision for the marketplace 2. Equip marketplace believers in prayer 3. Help cultivate intimacy with God 4. Develop passion for Jesus in the marketplace 5. Have prophetic understanding of the times and seasons in relation to God‘s plan for cities, nations, and the marketplace We define the marketplace as any arena of life outside of the walls of the Church. This may include family, business, government, education, arts and entertainment, media, and so on. We believe the Lord is calling for those who are like Joseph (Genesis 45), those who will preserve life, store wealth (and food), and help establish cities of refuge. Our vision is to help these individuals not only survive, but also thrive where the Lord has planted them. Through impartation, prophetic revelation, providing resources, networking opportunities, and building marvelous camaraderie, we seek to equip marketplace believers to be successful in their sphere of influence and carry the fragrance of Christ. For more information, visit