Scooping Ganache for Chocolate Truffles

Preparing your delicious ganache for it's final "dip" in premium chocolate requires shaping each piece. You can create a rustic, natural, organic shape (the traditional truffle method dipped in cocoa powder) or you can create small uniform more formal balls. The size of your finished center is completely up to you. Remember that your centers will be coated in tempered chocolate and possibly rolled in another ingredient like nuts, coconut etc. so take that extra layer or two into consideration when deciding the size of your ganache center. Consider starting with a 1/2" diameter and work from there. Another rule of thumb is to have a "one ounce" finished weight per truffle. Using a melon baller is an easy way to measure the amount of ganache and create a nice round shape. A basic table spoon is another very easy method of scooping the right amount for rolling. For more information on the Ultimate Truffle and working with premium chocolate visit Find delicious recipes, How-To tips and great confectionery projects.

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