Melting Real Chocolate In The Microwave Oven When asked how do you make candy, the very next question is usually how do you make chocolate? In reality most people don’t actually “make” chocolate but you do need to know how to “work” with chocolate when learning about candy making. And working with REAL chocolate simply requires an understanding of melting temperatures for each flavor and how to temper chocolate once it is melted. Five things to know about melting chocolate are: #1 break bulk chocolate up into uniform pieces. #2 Avoid getting water in your chocolate #3 Real chocolate is delicate and can become lumpy and grainy if over heated. Heat slowly. You can #4 How ever you choose to melt chocolate STIR, STIR, STIR. #5, Chocolate can retain its shape even when fully melted inside. Stir your batch BEFORE you continue to heat. Following these few tips and check out other great candy making tips and recipes at
Enjoy the adventure of learning how to make candy, creating sweet recipes, making homemade chocolates, plus how to make caramel and English toffee. For more candy making information and great video tutorials visit our website, it’s dedicated to Gourmet Candy Making

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Discover the ART of Gourmet Candy Making with the Gourmet Candy Maker. Step by Step videos show you how to master the techniques of making delicious gourmet chocolates, toffees, brittles, chocolate truffles and much more. Create amazing confectionery recipes of your own after you master just a few basic steps. Learn how to temper chocolate, mold with real chocolate, create divine chocolate truffles toffees and brittles. Make home made candy gifts easily and quickly.