JACK IN A BOX Season 3 Finale: The Break Up (Ep 24)

The Season 3 Finale. It's been fun. The Break Up.

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Jack in a Box

"Jack in a Box" is an original web sitcom from actor/writer Michael Cyril Creighton. Jack was a mild-mannered young man with a BFA in acting and no life skills. He took a job at a theater box office because it didn't involve heavy lifting, wearing a blazer or using Excel. A few years and thousands of customers later, Jack finds himself less mild-mannered and less young than ever before. Watch Jack try to manage his anger while navigating an insular universe where everyone is even more unstable than he is. Like all caged animals, he is going to throw his sh*t at you sooner or later... but first he's going to eat a cupcake and take a phone call from his mom. Service with a smirk, that's all you can ask for.