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Invitation for actors to join in London

Free speech TV, an invitation to actors to interact together and express themselves in an engaging, informative and entertaining way, by joining in a weekly interactive "Dinner for Five" UK style show. We can come to your social and society and cultural and sporting events, and take videos for you to sue on your web sites to promote your good causes. Amanda can interview you and your celebrities or make a commentary in stereo during the event. The cost is £40 for up to an hour of filming, and if the videos or usable, you can have them embedded on your website for a rental form £5 to £10 a week depending on your commercial status, £5 for charity and cultural events, we are set up to promote to a much wider audience than local TV and press can reach. 1.4 million views from youtube in 3 years with over 300,000 viewings for some videos. 02079873876,,