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Welcome to the Season Finale of INSIDE HORROR - hosted by Elric Kane and yours truly, Staci Layne Wilson. It was a parade of pulchritude (Elric's wedding ring must've been feeling awfully tight) ranging from the cool blonde classic style of Ms. Sybil Danning (THE HOWLING 2) to the bright-eyed newness of Gabby West (CHILLERAMA). In between we chatted with the director of SUTURES and ISLE OF THE DOGS, Tammi Sutton; picked the brain of Rebekah McKendry, FANGORIA magazine's director of marketing; and got the latest on BIRDEMIC 2 from star Whitney Moore. Lovely actresses Allison Kyler, Barbara Nedeljáková, Natalie Victoria, Marissa Skell, and Carlee Baker talked about their latest films with Jenna, while Danielle Harris and Sybil Danning sat with Elric and I to speak more on the subject of women working in all capacities the horror film world. Danielle has a new movie she directed coming out, AMONG FRIENDS, as well as the one she stars in with INSIDE HORROR recent alumni Michael Biehn and Jennifer Blanc-Biehn, THE VICTIM. Sybil produced a music video, which she also stars in, with Chad Cherry from Last Vegas. She will be producing and definitely directing, in the near future. For all the details (plus clips and stills), click on the link. Visit thestream.tv/inside-horror for more information, and for additional perspectives follow the team on Twitter at @InsideHorror and Facebook at facebook.com/InsideHorror.

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