Alternative Data Streams by Halla

This video shows how to hide executables within other files without changing their functionality, size or look. Its used for a variety of reasons and is simple to do! The video may be hard to see, so for the record, here is what I put into the command prompt: type audacity.exe > test.txt:audacity.exe and then: start ./test.txt:audacity.exe Enjoy!

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This channel features a variety of tech related how-to's and hacks and such from done by yours truely, Halla.If you find any of these videos helpful or interesting, feel free to share them! If you have any questions or critiques regarding these videos, I do try to answer and help where and when I can. I look forward to hearing from you.If you have an in-depth question, you can find me at informationleak. Feel free to email me or post in the forums and I'll do my best to get to you. That being said, enjoy the show.-Halla