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I belong to the Kumauni community, in the state of Uttarakhand. My region has witnessed a strong development of tourism, but my community has not benefited from it, we rather suffered from it. We faced land grabs, alcoholism problems. I am also particularly concerned by environmental problems, such as construction of numerous dams in my region.Mainstream media only focuses on big events. It gives no cover to an event that would affect a village or small community. That's why what happen in my area almost systematically go unreported.I decided to become a Community Correspondent to highlight my community's issues. I have already been involved in community media in my area, working for a community radio, but video is even a more powerful tool. I believe that any deprivation has to be reported, be it happening to 20 or 30 people. We should not judge the quality of news on the basis of how many people are affected, but on how deeply people are affected. I do not want to make videos only, I also want to see an impact. ;

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