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I am a Kashmiri muslim. Being from Kashmir means that everyone in my community has witnessed or experienced violence. People are caught between the Indian army and the terrorists. Due to this situation, the media in Kashmir are mainly spreading the words of the government. They do not give any space for our community stories, covering only elections and political rallies. Besides, they are often biased. For instance, three years back, 3 young people came to my area to collect donation for local madrasa. We all knew that they had nothing to do with nay terrorists outfits, but within a few hours, some army men came and shot them dead. The medias published exactly what the army told them, that these guies were terrorists, it has been three years, but even now, no one has written a single story representing what happen to these youths. As a community journalist, I would like to re-tell the story and bring out the truth, in front of the world.As a CC, I will be able to give a fair and clear picture of my community. A big issue I want to address is corruption. Much more than terrorism, it plagues Kashmir society. I have been part of the anti-corruption movement,I wanted to continue fighting by making videos. ;

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