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My name is Mercy Kamei and I belong to Rongmei Naga tribal community. In my state, we are a minority community, and given the situation in Nagaland we are often regarded as terrorists or enemies. For me reporting could mean taking risks. My community in Manipur has always been misrepresented. Journalists in the mainstream media mostly belong to the majority community, so news put us in a bad light, or simply erase our voices. For instance, everyone know that our community is totally dependent on forest for livelihoods. But the last Forest Act, that protect both wildlife and tribal ways of life, has been implemented in all India, except in my area. So we got no access to forest, but the media do not report our situation. Violence between communities are always distorted. So I want to make things known.I chose community media because mainstream media opted for the big issues, leaving behind the voice of common people. I want to have an impact in my community, reporting about the weakest groups, and the government exploitation of natural resources, endangering tribal livelihoods. These are too trivial for mainstream media, but they matter for me. ;

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