Episode 5 - Infomercial of the Damned

Dr. Dicqer is seduced by The Baron's Godless and decadent TV ad while Aggie pursues his own agenda. Searching the Dicqer home, he finds the remains of his once proud ship: The Bridesmaid.

Immoral Dr. Dicqer, The

Set in the distant future of 1986, our story follows THE IMMORAL DR. DICQER as he makes a go of it in suburbia. A former single man and pirate turned family man and back-alley gynecologist, Dr. Dicqer wants nothing more than to be left alone in his new life. So, maybe it was a bad idea to steal a ship from a crew of bloodthirsty mercenaries and make off with the bride of a powerful sorcerer bent on revenge. High adventure comes to the 'burbs, and the doctor's going to get what's coming to him.