Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya - Episode 4 - I Hate Being Single

Rob is pressured into attending a “get together” with Dom and his friend from work. When Dom leaves early, Rob is forced to play Jenga with a crowd of strangers. I Hate Being Single is a webseries that puts an unconventional comedic spin on story we've all heard many times before. Rob, recently dumped self admitted hipster, blunders through single life trying to figure out where he belongs in a manner that is charmingly clueless and entertaining. Described as a mix between Curb Your Enthusiasm, Portlandia, Louie, Flight of the Concords, IHBS takes a refreshing and realistic look at the Williamsburg Brooklyn scene from the inside out as an response to the wave of other brooklyn based shows, 2 Broke Girls, I Just Want My Pants Back, How To Make it in America, The New Girl.

I Hate Being Single

In this day and age, it seems finding someone to share your life is impossible, especially right after you've been dumped. Or as your dad always says, "Shut up, it's never been easier. Go on that dang internet thing you're always talking about and just find someone already."