Social Media Classroom: Why use forums?

In addition to the how-to documentation included with the Social Media Classroom/Co-Lab, this is one of a series of "why to" videos, addressing the need for forums when many people discuss many topics over an extended period.

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I stumbled into cyberspace a long time ago and have been a participant observer ever since . I write books and blogs and teach and speak . On my way to doing all that communicating, I seem to do a fair amount of hunting, gathering, and alchemy -- that is, transforming what I hunt and gather into something of value to someone else. In the olden days, I wrote about a slice of life in my virtual community , so now I am reslicing my life by trying to capture some of the intertwingled online and offline stuff via video. I'm definitely still in amateur mind, which is where I think most of us are in the video vernacular that seems to be bubbling up.