The Commander | Columbia Expedition #01.2

O Captain! My Captain! The man picked to command the Columbia Expedition had a lifetime of experience. Militiaman. Whaler. Privateer. Gumshoe Historians Andrew Buckley and Matt Griffin track John Kendrick from Orleans to Edgartown, then over to the house on Wareham Narrows bought with booty from the Revolution. Locations: Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard & South Coast of Massachusetts. Interviews: Alan McClennen, Nancy Cole, Thornton Gibbs, Benjamin Dunham

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Hit and Run History

"Snackable history." The past isn’t dead -- it’s all around us, found in regular, everyday places. You just need to know where to look. With a crew gathered from coastal towns in New England, we take history out of the library and down to the street-level. We check out the players, the places they lived, and hear from people who know them best. We get dirty. We make mistakes. And we have fun. We’re practicing history without a license – Hit and Run.