HOCOF PIP Commentary 009.5

Picture-In-Picture Commentary of Part 9.5 of the History of Comics On Film.

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History of Comics On Film

Hi my name is Derek Crabbe. My screen name over at Bottalk is derekwc, hence the derekwc presents. I was mainly inspired to create History of Comics On Film due to James Rolfe and his Monster Madness Cinemasscre Reviews (also the Godzilla ones are pretty fun too!). I wanted to focus mainly on comic books adapted into tv shows and films. Kind of short synopsis and review with some historical perspectives and tangents thrown in for fun. There is a vast amount of material to cover and I probably won't have access to all of it, but I thought I'd go ahead and give it a shot. I probably won't have a part up every day and they might not all be in order (but I'll try my best). Note: I'm trying to limit my focus to comic books, maybe I'll go back and do comic strips or manga some other day. Hope you enjoy!