Hipsterhood - "S2:E10 - Hipsters in Nature"

Are Cereal Guy and Faux Fur Girl they really into each other, or was it all a hipster misunderstanding? www.hipsterhoodseries.com Starring - ELIZABETH FERRARIS and KIT WILLIAMSON Creator/Writer/Director - SHILPI ROY Series Producers - SHILPI ROY, MANDI RENO, DAVID MEDINA Producers - JULIA CHO, PARIMAL ROHIT, ELIZABETH FERRARIS, KIT WILLIAMSON Director of Photography and Composer - ANTHONY C KUHNZ Editor - NATASHA BEDU Re-recording sound mixer/designer - MARK ANDERSON Production Sound - ERIC BUCKLIN Camera Operator - WILL NOVY Wardrobe Supervisor - GIO KENDALL Behind the Scenes - DAVID MEDINA Production Assistants - JUSTIN TURBEEK and BOB URDA EYEWEAR www.sireseyewear.com WARDROBE www.suburbanriot.com PLAYLISTS www.8tracks.com/hipsterhood


Hipsterhood is a new comedy web series that explores the minds of two hipsters who keep seeing each other around their neighborhood, but can't seem to take that next crucial step of actually...talking.