Hipsterhood Ep. 6 - The "other" woman at the 99 cent store! - Part 1

http://www.hipsterhoodseries.com. Hipster Girl spots Hipster Guy at the awesome 99 cent store and decides today is the day....until she finds out that he's with another woman - and she's a SUPER COOL HIPSTER CHICK! What will she do now??!! CREDITS: written and directed by Shilpi Roy cinematography and original music by Anthony C. Kuhnz Starring Kit Williamson and Elizabeth Ferraris Guest Star Vera Miao Sound Mix by Ryan McClure Production Assistance by Zack Brantley an Odd Frames Media Production

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Hipsterhood is a new comedy web series that explores the minds of two hipsters who keep seeing each other around their neighborhood, but can't seem to take that next crucial step of actually...talking.