Hilah Cooking | Frozen Sangria

Learn how to make Frozen Sangria with this easy video recipe. This is the quickest, coldest cocktail of the summer! Inspired by the frozen sangria at El Chilito - a taco stand in Austin, TX. Get full instructions on how to make frozen sangria at: http://hilahcooking.com/frozen-sangria/

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Hilah Cooking

HILAH COOKING is an weekly series hosted by Austin-based singer/actor/comedian Hilah Johnson. The series is focused on teaching "real people" how to cook (and how to have fun while doing it). Learning how to cook will save you money, make you happy and maybe even get you laid! You won't need a fancy kitchen or hard-to-find ingredients to make any of our featured recipes. Each episode is packed with useful information presented in a fast-paced funny format.