Harvey's Kitchen: Allen Thompson (Forgive Me)

Allen Thompson
;is the only person I’ve ever known to be married in the Country Music Hall of Fame. It’s quite a story. You should ask him about it sometime.Somehow this session got lost in the shuffle (along with about 10 or 11 others) and I have no real excuse why this is coming out almost a year later other than … well, no still don’t have an excuse. So, forgive me.“Forgive Me” appears on the album 26 years released in 2009 and if that’s anything to go by I’m sure Allen has a bright future.If you happen to be in the Triad area this weekend, he’ll be performing at the Flat Iron on Sunday. Hope to see you there.On 26 years:“It is a rare occasion when the chapters of one’s life have clear-cut beginnings and ends. Oftentimes we must write new chapters ourselves in order to avoid stagnation. Sometimes, however, something so abrupt and dramatic will occur that it causes you to step back and realize that your childhood has ended and your life as an adult is about to begin. The songs contained herein deal with this period of life. They are real conversations with and about myself, folks I know, and a young man I will never know. Writing and recording these songs allowed me to come to terms with the end of my childhood and the beginning of the rest of my life. I hope you enjoy listening to this collection as much as I enjoyed making it, which was a lot. Thank You:Shawn Catz, Terry Peters, Ambrose Waddell, Whitney Waddell, Amanda Glover, Kari Estrin, Jeremy Miller, Howard Bullen and Family, Bob, Maggie, and Kaytea Thompson, Leslie Rouffe, Tom and Drew Laney, Shilah Morrow, Carra Woodham and everyone at WQFS, Matt Anderson, Annissa Mason, Jeff Powell, Susan Marshall, Everyone at Grimey’s and The Basement, Chris Kro, My Family, the lovely Colleen Thompson, and anyone who appreciates honest music.”

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