Balance ft. U-N-I "Hard To Get" (Official Music Video) Balance featuring. U-N-I "Hard To Get" a.k.a The Ménage à trois song. Directed by Nick Huff Barili. First single of the album Hard Knock TV Presents I DO IT 4 HIP HOP featuring Balance. Coming THIS SPRING!

"Hard To Get" Credits

Starring: Balance and Thurz and Y-O aka U-N-I

Track produced by Noah Ayala

Featuring: Devi Dev, Misty Ramos, Mihaela, Katherine Valdivieso, Mina Mortezaie, Shannon, Bridgetta Tomarchio and Mr Cuddles

Directed by Nick Huff Barili

Cinematography by Michael Park

Edited by David Telles, Daniel Gilmore and Nick Huff Barili

Produced by Mark Anothony Jenkins and Jin Kelley

Make up by Marigail del Rosario and Layla Alamdari

Special Thanks to Steve Kim!!! Fat Beats LA, DJ House Shoes, Chris London, Winstons, everyone who made this happen and J Dilla and Slum Village for the inspiration!

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