GRITtv: Unheard Voices from the Gulf Coast: The United Houma Nation

One region supplies the nation with 30% of its oil and gas and 30% of its seafood. Yet, a football field?s worth of land is lost every 40 minutes in the southeast bayous due to pipeline canals made by big oil companies. The land is severed, raped, and disjointed from commercial interests capitalizing without consideration for its people, namely the United Houma Nation. Now add the BP oil spill into the equation. Suddenly prosperous Mother Nature is choked by exploitive enterprise. Green for All?s Unheard Voices from the Gulf Coast presents us with the experience of the United Houma Nation in the Dulac community of the southeastern bayous in Louisiana. Apart from the normal lack of consideration from colonizing capitalistic enterprise, BP has implanted a new strain of propaganda comfort. With hurricane season approaching and a hardly progressive gulf coast clean-up process, the future and livelihood of this community is likely to drastically change.

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