GRITtv: The People Fight Back Against Wells Fargo

The city of Baltimore is suing Wells Fargo for racial profiling while workers in Chicago took to the streets to protest its recent refusal to extend credit for Quad City Die Casting Company. As a reminder, Wells Fargo is the country's 2nd largest mortgage lender, 5th largest bank and recipient of $25 billion in TARP money --taxpayer money that they will now likely be spent fighting the discrimination cases filed against them in court. Joining us in studio are Sarah Ludwig, Co-Director of Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project, Kai Wright, who wrote about the 'Subprime Swindle' for The Nation Magazine, Leah Fried, Organizer with the United Electrical Union, and Beth Jacobson, formerly one of the most successful subprime mortgage loan officers for Wells Fargo who became a whistle blower in the Baltimore case and is now offering advice to homeowners facing foreclosure through her agency, Paralegal Services and Consulting.

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